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  You should be very careful with the settings when enabling features on this page. The same IP address does not necessarily represent the same guest. For example, all guests behind the same proxy server or NAT router may appear to have the same IP address. Being too restrictive may inadvertently drive your guests away.
Volume Control
  Enable Volume Control
  Allow up to message(s) in minute(s) from the same IP address.
IP Address Filter
  Enable IP Address Filter
  When a guest's IP address matches any of the IP address patterns, he or she will not be allowed to sign your guestbook.
  Enter a pattern and press Add to add the pattern to the list. To remove patterns, select the patterns you want to remove and press Remove.

  1. Use * to represent the whole range of an octet. If * is used for an octet, the lower octets must be set to * as well. For example, 192.168.*.100 is not a valid pattern, while 192.168.*.* is valid.
  2. Pattern *.*.*.* is not allowed. If you want to stop accepting new messages, go to Composition and select No for Accept Messages.