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Range: Export messages from the first days.
  Export messages from to .
  Export all messages.
  Please enter the dates in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD or use the JavaScript date picker. By leaving the from date blank, you indicate that the range is from the first message. By leaving the to date blank, you indicate that the range is to the latest message when export happens.
Sort Order: Start with the oldest. the newest.
Status: Export approved public messages and the messages in the following status:
       Pending messages.
       Censored messages: as censored as original
       Private messages.
  Export private messages only.
Paths: Override the path to assets:
  Override the path to emoticons:
  If the path to emoticons is overriden, all emoticons must be accessible through this path. The original paths of the emoticons, including the ones that start with '/', will be ignored.
Output Directory: Overwrite output directory if exists.
  Please use alpha-numeric characters or underscore ('_') only. Space characters are not allowed. The directory name cannot start with a numeric digit.
  The directory you specified will be created under the export directory in the guestbook root directory. If you choose to overwrite an existing directory, all existing files and subdirectories under that directory will be deleted before export.
  Use a different file extension: Default extension: html.
  The messages will be exported based on the current Display and Emoticon settings.