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Field Check
 Minimum LengthMaximum Length Required
Name: >=1 <=64 Yes
Message: >=1 <=65535 Yes
Gender: 1 1
Age: >=0
Minimum Age
Maximum Age
Email: 0 <=255
Homepage: 0 <=255
Location: >=0 <=64
(Custom1): >=0 <=32
(Custom2): >=0 <=32
(Custom3): >=0 <=64
(Custom4): >=0 <=128
(Custom5): >=0 <=255
  Minimum Length check is activated only when the guest enters at least one character in the input field. Whether a field can be left empty or not is determined by the Required check.
Layout Check

  Check Number of Lines,  Maximum: <=65535 lines.
  Check Word Length*1,  Maximum: <=65535 characters.

  Allow the following (selected) HTML tags:

  <strong></strong>  <b></b>  <em></em> 
  <i></i>  <tt></tt>  <big></big> 
  <small></small>  <sup></sup>  <sub></sub> 
  <pre></pre> : Maximum Line Width: <=65535 characters.

*1. Word Length Check only works for words that consist of one-byte UTF-8 characters; for example, ISO-8859-1 alpha-numeric characters.